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Fire Prevention


Make sure you stay safe in the new year! With all the resolutions you may make, please be sure to add an extra one for 2011: Take Care of Your Smoke Alarms.

It is estimated that 84% of all residential fire injuries could have been prevented by the use of smoke alarms. So please, this year, make sure you test your smoke alarm regularly and change the batteries frequently.

Happy New Year, and remember the importance of your smoke alarms!



With all the snow that we had this year during the blizzard and the snows before it, we have a high chance of experiencing some flooding or other high-water environments during the unusual warm-up period we have been having currently. Remember, every town has some chance of having flooding problems, whether it's a county-wide disaster or just numerous homes flooding within a town.

Follow the link below to see some suggestions for keeping safe during a possible flood season.

FEMA on Floods







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