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The trustees of our Fire Protection District help to govern our department in conjunction with our Chief.

District President:       Jay Seyller                                          jay.seyller@mapleparkfpd.org
District Sect/Treas:     Allen Kahl                                          allen.kahl@mapleparkfpd.org
District Trustee:         Philip "Chip" Foster                             philip.foster@mapleparkfpd.org
Sect to the Trustees:   Jara Ausbury                                      jara.ausbury@mapleparkfpd.org

Department Members:

Below are the officers and members of the Maple Park and Countryside Fire Protection District. All are bound to serve the citizens of the district in their time of need.


Fire Chief:           Kevin Peterson                                               kevin.peterson@mapleparkfpd.org
Assistant Chief:   Craig Maercker                                                craig.maercker@mapleparkfpd.org

Fire Captain:     Ted Peterson                                                      ted.peterson@mapleparkfpd.org
EMS Captain:    Alicia Burgos                                                     alicia.burgos@mapleparkfpd.org

Fire Lieutenant:    Brent Miller                                                     brent.miller@mapleparkfpd.org
Fire Lieutenant:    Matt Linden                                                     matt.linden@mapleparkfpd.org
Fire Lieutenant:    Dylan Muir                                                      dylan.muir@mapleparkfpd.org          
EMS Lieutenant:  Steven Tarczynski                                            steven.tarczynski@mapleparkfpd.org


Maxwell Anderson, EMT
Tyler Barton, EMT
Verne Bjornson, FF/Paramedic
Nick Cavaligos, FF
Luke Ferris, FF/EMT
Ryan Goodenough, FF
Vincent Grozinger, FF
Jeff Grzywa, FF
Christine Huneke, FF/Paramedic
Joseph Kay, Paramedic
Josh Kuefler, FF/EMT
Steve Larocco, FF/EMT
Jake Linden, FF/EMT
Corey Maercker, FF
Brad Miller, FF
Brett Miller, FF
Dan Miller, FF/Paramedic
Dan Muir, FF
Jake Needhan, FF/EMT
Mel Needham, EMT
Rick Nilsen, FF/EMT
Josh Norman, EMT
Jeremy Salazar, EMT
Amber Sayles, Paramedic
Jon Shuey, FF/Paramedic
Steven Tarczynski, FF/Paramedic
Sean Warren, Paramedic
Nathan Welter, Paramedic

Trevor Yaeger, EMT


Matthew Johnston
Tyler Johnson
Jenny Linden
Austin Reidl









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